Client Testimonials

They DID it – So CAN You!

"Get in the best shape of your life. I highly recommend you get started with Shawn Tan like yesterday!!!!!"
Greg Greenough"You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"
"If you feel that fitness and getting in shape are impossible, Shawn will show you the way to the possibility."
Christine P"The Devil In Workout Clothes"
"Shawn has always gone above and beyond for me and done more then I could have ever asked of her."
Karim Attara"I Put My Full Trust In Her"
"She is my coach and my friend and I am forever thankful for everything she has done for me."
Erin Rolleman"I Put My Full Trust In Her"
"Since being a client of Shawn Tan I have continued to take what I've learned and apply it every day at the gym."
Colin Eggen"My Development Is Still Ongoing And Always Will Be"
"I can confidently say that I would have rather worked with no one else after having trained with Shawn."
Angela Gosselin"Shawn Also Finds The Time To Answer My Many Questions"

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I see clients at XClub Fitness
101-1533 Broadway Street, Port Coquitlam, BC