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Amazon Athletics and Team Tan
Transforming Your Fitness Into A Lifestyle
Individualized Training

Individualized programs can include training, nutrition and/or cardio. I customize your program to meet your individual goals, current physical condition and willingness to commit to a healthier lifestyle. I will give you the tools that you will need for success as you transition into a fitter, healthier you. My motivation is to see you succeed and become healthier.

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One On One Training

For those that require more a more hands on approach, One on One Personal Training is available with me at my gym OR, I can come to you. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, looking to change your lifestyle or just need to lose those few extra inches, I will work with you on exercise choices, your form and your technique in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

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Team Tan Competitors

Ready to take your physique to the next level? No matter your reason for wanting to step on stage, I’ll take you by the hand and lead you from your off-season training through the dieting and cutting phase to actually stepping on stage. Having been a competitor for nearly a decade, I know the struggles, doubts and emotions you will experience and will give you the tools to succeed.

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Online /Distance Training

Don’t live in the Port Coquitlam area? NO PROBLEM!! Thanks to technology, we can now meet midway via phone, text or email. I am only a mouse click away and readily available to answer your questions, motivate you and talk you out of that goal destroying snack to get you back on track. My own journey has been filled with struggles, let me help with yours.

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About Me

From Athlete to Eating Disorder to Champion Bodybuilder to Coach
Shawn Tan
Amazon Athletics
Team Tan

Growing up an athlete, as I child I would have never imagined the physical and health struggles that were to become my future.

Bulimia stole my teen years, eventually leading me to a nearly fatal battle with anorexia. At 18, doctors gave me one week to live and my parents were advised to being making funeral arrangements.

Making the choice to live and battle through my disease, I was able to turn my life around. Eventually, my will to fight helped me to become a champion competitive bodybuilder and now a coach and trainer.

I've been there. I've struggled the same and possibly worse than many of my clients. I understand where they are mentally, physically and emotionally. I have empathy for their struggles and to the thoughts that attempt to derail their progress.

I KNOW I can help you!

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Free Report: Top 5 Reasons People Fail On Their Road To Fitness